About us

charityregistration.net is a website of Fusion+ Consulting Services LLP. We are an LLP firm with specialists in the charities sector with over 7 years experience in registering charities and helping charities overcome difficulties in meeting the requirements of charity law. We are a recognised and reputable professional advisor for Charity Commission and Charity Law. We have 'held the hands' of brand new charities usually supporting individuals from scratch, i.e. bringing their ideas to life. We have supported multi-million pound charities and registered charities for high profile individuals. Click here to find out about the types of charities we have registered and supported.


Congratulations to one of our clients. We supported the development and establishment of a charity for Mo Farah recently. The British Gold Medlist approached us for advise about developing a governing document and assistance in registering as a charity. Through our personalised approach, the trustees were able to meet the requirements and acquire the charity number within 3 days. "We are quite impressed that you were able to turn it around in a short space of time and were able to assist us despite the various obstacles we had"


One of our partners, Fayyaz Suleman, was invited to this years Queens Garden Party in honour of his services to the charity and community sector. He said "I am grateful for the honour. It was a wonderful opportunity to network with Diplomats, MPs, members of the Royal family and more importantly the thousands of dedicated volunteers from across the country and abroad"

Here is what our other clients have said:  

"Really appreciate your in depth advise and help"

"Thanks for fast tracking our application. we can now get on with helping people"

"Very valuable, would recommend to others for one stop shop in getting a charity number"

Click here to find out about the types of charities we have registered and supported.