We register charitable companies and organisations that do not qualify for charitable status, such as social enterprises and Community Interest Companies (CICs). This for of company exist to make a profit, with the aim of recycling the profits for social aims. Additionally, we register private companies for people wanting to setup a business. We are experienced formation agents and get you registered in the right way. Quite often, people do not understand the difference between shareholders and subscribers, and are not familiar with share capital. Please contact us to register.


We register charities for Tax Reliefs and Gift Aid, so that they can claim 25p for every ?1 donated by a tax payer to your charity. This means that if you raised 10,000 from tax paying donors, you can reclaim an additional 2,500 from the government. This can be a considerable amount for charities. The registration process requires you to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of Charity Law and public benefit. Again, this can be a tricky process if you get it wrong. We can apply and register you for this. We also provide a Gift Aid collection service by acting as a nominee. This will save you the administrateive work required for a small fee. Please contact us.


We provide a support service to charities to help them meet their requirement of company and charity with regards to meetings, resolutions, minutes, conflict of interest and Annual Returns. Charities have a legal requirement to submit an Annual Return and Annual accounts to the Charity Commission and Companies House for charitable companies. Trustees have a legal responsibility to keep minutes of their meetings. If the Charity Commission investigate a matter, then how you have recorded your decisions will be imprtant in determining whether the trustees have exercised their duties correctly. Similarly, your resolutions have to be worder correctly for them to be valid and acceptable to the companies house.


Many charities experience some conflict between members, beneficiaries and trustees. Quite often, this is because of a misunderstanding of each others rights, powers and a lack of understanding of charity law and good practise. We provide AGM support, to act as a Professional Adviser, so that any questions relating to the governance and rghts of members can be quickly addressed. Additionally, we can assist your charity in producing AGM notices, EGM notices and resolutions that comply with the Law. For company charities, there are certain legal requirements that override provision in the articles of the charity.  Please contact us for help with your AGM or any help with complying with your annual requirements.




We offer a governance health check which reviews an organisations governance arrangements in light of the law and good practise guidance. We also help organisations to restructure and refresh their board or committee. We have helped many charities establish the right structure to reflect the way they want to work. This has avoided many problems for the trustees and members. Please contact us if you would like us to carry out a governance health check for your charity.


We provide a company secretary service or consultancy, specialising in advising on statutory, legal and good practise advise to boards and committees. We have helped charities with Trustee Loan Agreeements, Lease Agreements, Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks and Policy documents. We also offer training to trustees, staff and volunteers on various aspects, including running effective organisations, Trustee responsibilities & Safeguarding Children. Please Contact us.