We have indepth experience of getting charity numbers for clients. We offer different packages to help you from start to end, including dealing with difficult cases. The Charity Commission have established a process of regsitering charities which is a rigorous process considering applications in light of charity and case law. They also have a duty to ensure that potential charities comply with the requirements of public benefit. Each charity's case is different and strict guidance means that not all charities who apply for registration are eligible. Therefore, getting a charity number is not a simple straightforward task.


Sometimes, individuals with an idea would like to get a charity number to support their charitable work either when they participate in fundraising activities or when they travel abroad on holiday. On other ocassions, it is a local need that individuals would like to meet. In each of these cases, the Charity Commission will consider the governance arrangements of a charity and would scrutinise the activtities to esnure that they meet the requirements.


Before Applying

The process of registering a charity, whether for an organisation that has been running informally, or for a brand new organisation, is dependent on having suitable governance. Within this, the governing documents play a vital part. Governing documents  are formal documents that define the nature of an organisation. It states the purpose of the charity, rules governing elections, committees, powers and other aspects of the affairs between trustees and members. It can ne a Constitution, a Deed, or Articles of Association.


Our experience over the last 8 years have shown that charities sign a standard governing document or copy one from another charity. This is a serious mistake, as once the governing document is signed and adopted, the members and trustees are bound by it under law. Quite often, the contents of the governing document are not aligned with the way the members and trustees operate or wish to operate. In this case, there will be more problems encountered within the charity. Also, the  wording in the governing documents may not meet the requirements of charity law. Charity Commission will in certain circumstances ask for the charity and its governing document to be dissolved and adopt a new governing document in order to be eligible for registration.


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